Automotive stocklots are our business. There are many forms of stocklots but seen the fact that our company is active in the automotive industry we focus on carparts  stocklots alone.

Being an importer of large quantities with carparts we do not have a catalogue containing a fixed program. We deal with just that what is being offered in terms  of automotive stocklots.

We deal with all kinds of parts, nothing in particular, basically everything that is being offered  as long as it is automotive related.

Automotive stocklots / carparts stocklots

Automotive stocklots / carparts stocklots

To give you an idea of what these
carparts stocklots  can exist of:

  • Engines
  • Electrical parts (starters/alternators)
  • Turbo Chargers
  • Lighting
  • Bodywork
  • Service parts (ignition coils, filters, spark plugs etc)
  • Steering parts
  • A/C Parts
  • Accessories (Alloy Wheels etc)

So you see, Automoive stocklots can carry a wide range of several carparts but always in large quantities in which we are specialized to export these on a global scale.

All parts we distribute are always from OE brands and suppliers. We do not deal with any aftermarket brands from Asian unknown manufacturers simply because of the fact that we cannot guarantee the quality. Everybody who is known in this automotive field knows what he is buying when being offered original, genuine parts from wellknown global suppliers.