In many cases companies from a certain magnitude active in the automotive industry face the situation of having too much on stock which is also being reffered to as Automotive surplus or carparts surplus.

automotive surplus / carparts surplus

automotive surplus / carparts surplus

There are several companies worldwide that are active in selling this automotive surplus in external channels.

We as A/C Masters have gained a lot of experience and know how through out the years being active in this field and knowing how to handle these situations in a satisfactionary and fulfilling manner for all parties involved. From supplier to customer. Suppliers will benefit from the fact that they do not have to scrap their materials which costs money, customers on the other hand are able to purchase against a lower average price. A win win situation for everybody in our opinion.

The term carparts surplus carries a negative load but can be reverted to a positive sense.

As we are specialized in selling carparts surplus we have many outlets worldwide where we are able to export to.

A specialisation which we are able to handle in the most professional way.