Our core business lies in carparts import / export. Not in the usual way like distributors do in the normal supplier/customer channel but in bulk quantity. We prefer to do containerloads at the time.

Carparts import / export

Carparts import / export

The whole chain starts with carparts import which we purchase from every possible channel in the market. Every major well know manufacturer is most probably a company that we know.

Every Automotive related company is a potential source for us to do business with. Not just on the purchase side but also in terms of sales. Also being referred to as carparts export. Amongst our customers are domestic companies but also companies worldwide, from North America to Australia, From South Aftica to Russia. When it comes to carparts export our simpel filosofy is: “The world is our playground“

We deal with many different companies in all shapes and sizes. Amongst these are Companies specialized in a certain productgroup such as for instance automotive airconditioning but also wholesellers and online shops but also other companies that are involved in the field of carparts import and carparts export.

In our experience carparts can travel the world many times without ever being fitted to a car. Sometimes they will probaly never be fitted at all but it makes part of keeping the economy going.