The phenomenon of having too much on stock within large companies, in our case automotive related companies, goes by many names. In our field the most common names  are carparts overstock or carparts obsolete stock.

Having too much on stock means the supply chain management has to decide what to do with these stocks. One option is to scrap. Simply throw it away which costs money.
We believe there is a much more cost saving and efficient way to get rid of carparts obsolete stock or carparts overstock if you will. We at have the perfect solution in order to convert your excess stock into liquidity.

Carparts overstock / Carparts obsolete stocks

Carparts overstock / Carparts obsolete stocks

We are the perfect outlet to handle your stockproblems in a discrete and efficient way which in the end will let your company earn money instead of you having to throw everything away and at the same time generating extra unnecessary costs which your company does not need especially in these days.

Your carparts obsolete stocks  are handled better by no one then us. Being your perfect partner in handeling this sensitive subject in the most discrete possible way there is simply because we have the network and knowledge of how to handle this the way automotive suppliers expect us to handle them.

Please get in touch wit hus today to see what we are able to do for your organistation.